The Nine PointedStar
Has Risen

Native American Prophecy for the arrival of Bahana, Baha'u'llah and the Baha'i Faith
Nine-Pointed Star of Baha'i Faith

Legends say that at the beginning of each cycle of time, the Great Spirit comes to the people through the words of a messenger. This Promised One is relied upon to guide the obedient safely through the purification's and to then aid in rebuilding civilization.

In 1963, Grandfather David, an elder of the Hopi tribe, saw a nine-pointed star rising in the sky. He knew this to be the awaited herald of the lost white brother, the Bahana.

Searchers were immediately sent out in each of the four cardinal directions. Their task was to find him and investigate his ability to meet all of the criteria prophesied to identify him. The one who traveled north to Missoula, Montana succeeded!

As all are given the freedom to choose to follow or turn away from the Creator's Teachers, all may also individually investigate the Teacher's claims to be one sent by the Creator.

Today we are faced with this very challenge as One who fulfills these criteria has appeared.

While many have come claiming to be true prophets, only those who fulfill a pre-established criteria which all may freely investigate should be considered authentic; for authenticity is the criteria for believability. Only the Ones exclusively and implicitly prophesied by what their NAME will be, WHERE they will appear, the DATE they will arrive, and the MISSION they will carry can be considered True Sources.

Since 4000 BC we have been exposed to educators who have told us of the "end times" and have given promises for the coming of a teaching that will finally unify all people. Proof of this unified concept of the future can be found in the writings of Nostradamus, a 16th century French seer; the Book of Revelation, which contains the future visions of Jesus as told through his disciple John; and the symbolic inscriptions carried on ancient stone tablets in the possession of the Hopi, Swiss, Kenyans and Tibetans. Not to mention other sources.

It is prophesied that the White man would come and try to change the life pattern of the Native American. He would have a "forked tongue" and bring many tempting things to the people.

They were warned, however, not to fall for this trick for they would be forever weakened. Also, they were told of a coming time when the people would be forced to develop their lives and land according to the dictation of a new ruler. The people were instructed not to resist. They were to wait for their lost White Brother, the Bahana, and the missing cornerstone- you know, "the one that the builders refused".

The Great Spirit, who loves all equally, did not wish the tribes to be tricked by the "forked tongue." The Great Spirit gave the people the serpent to guard all directions from evil.

If the people use this serpent, the intellect, they will not be fooled. They will be able to see how the serpents point to the Bahana, and use the serpent, or intellect, to investigate his authenticity.

To test the Bahana's authenticity and provide additional assurance against impostors, the people were also told to ask him about the Book of Truth which would contain great knowledge.

In addition, the True Bahana would come from the Father Sun in the East, and a nine-pointed star would be seen rising to herald his arrival.

The Hopis believe the transition of these signs from prophecy to fulfillment marks the advent of the Day of Purification. Known as the "third shaking of the earth," the Hopi's recognize its imminence and have tried to share their prophesies with the world at the United Nations. After their third rejection they proclaimed "there is no longer any hope for world peace" without the third shaking. The arrival of the Bahana, or "people of Baha", provides all with the hope for a peaceful civilization after the shaking, as he brings the (true) teachings of Baha'u'llah, who revealed a plan for achieving true justice and world peace. The United Nations is, in fact, a partial replica of this plan, as were its predecessors the World Court at the Hague and the League of Nations. Each of their founders had exposure to Baha'u'llah's writings.

They created imitations based on His plan for a democratic monarchy with representatives from all the world's nations and a descendant of King David as its president, inseparably united to form the Universal House of Justice. The Headless Body on the tablet is the headless Universal House of Justice established by the disobedient Baha'is who have broken the covenant with the Creator.

The true House of Justice is the cornerstone of the Kingdom of "God" on earth which Jesus, the first Christ told all to pray for. Christ is a title which means "a male-sperm descendant of David who is anointed". Baha'u'llah, whose name means "Glory of the Father" continues the Davidic genealogy as a direct descendant of David. Baha'u'llah was known as the "Father" as he taught the specifics of how the Kingdom would actually be organized. The Bahana comes from the "Father Sun" as he has dedicated his life to establishing the plan for the kingdom brought by Baha'u'llah.

The Bahana also fulfills the criteria for where he will be found-in Missoula, Montana. Legends state the Hopis were greeted by "Massoua" upon emergence to this fourth world. He gave them the stone tablet with the missing cornerstone and their migration instructions. The Hopi oral tradition results in many different spellings for Massoua:

Masaw - Book of the Hopi

Maasauu - From Beginning of Life to Day of Purification

Masauwu - Truth of a Hopi

Massoua - Meditations with the Hopi

This is because Massoua was never intended to be a person, but a place: Missoula. Upon finding him there, the Bahana has shown his Book of Truth to those who investigate. This is the Will and Testament of 'Abdul-Baha, son of Baha'u'llah. This book delineates the steps for implementing the true Universal House of Justice and guidelines to assure the continuation of the Throne of David (Psalms89) through the position of "Guardian" of the Baha'i Faith.

The evolution of this plan continues forward today with the establishment of the true Universal House of Justice in its youth stage called the second International Baha'i Council. This is the teaching that the Hopis await. This is the teaching that will unite the earth and gather the 144,000 "rainbow warriors" or "sundancers". These 144,000 will be gathered by the Bahana and will proclaim the "Guardian" of the land to the whole world. At this time, the people will have their choice to accept of reject the Creator's plan for peace on earth.

Those who choose their own way will be purified through the third shaking. It is said the first two shakings were with one hand.

The third will be with two hands in four phases, or "winds": a thermonuclear war, a meteor crashing into the earth's ocean to limit the war to just one hour, a great earthquake and a total shifting of the earth's crust.

If the Creator didn't love us all He would not have sent the Bahana. This message is not only for Native Americans. All are given the freedom of choice to follow the plan of the Creator or to follow their own way.


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