The Great Pyramid of Giza
Chronological Book of Prophecy in Stone

Transcript of a Pyramid fireside

After they discovered all these scientific aspects in the pyramid, they wondered why they were all put in there, because they had to discover these things in other ways before they could confirm that this facts were contained in the Great Pyramid. The purpose of the scientific aspects being in the Great Pyramid is to give it credence. If it can give this data certainly it can give a spiritual message as well. But God put these things in the Great Pyramid to show that God had a plan for man so the people can know it and accept it.

So how did they happen to start knowing these scientific facts? Al Mamoun, in the 8th century A.D., was one of the Caliphs of Islam, was establishing a book of knowledge. He was ransacking the world to find this knowledge. At this time the western world, Christianity, was in the dark ages. The dark ages were so dark there was no written history for 200 years in Europe. They lived in squalor, disease, poverty and ignorance and this was due to corrupt Christianity which taught that learning and science are unclean. They went into libraries and took the books of science out and put them in a pile and burned them and tore down the libraries. Thus Europe descended into the dark ages.

At the same time Islam was seeking for enlightenment. Al Mamoun built the first university in the world. And he called it the house of knowledge and he ransacked the world, going to all the different places, to India and China and everyplace he could find that he heard there was any type of knowledge, he went and investigated. Somebody told him there was a great store of knowledge in the pyramid, that there were maps and charts and there was great wealth in the pyramid. So he started to get into the pyramid. He couldn't find the opening, although it had a hinged opening on the north side, he couldn't find the opening. He scaled up that five and a quarter acres, all over the north side, where he heard the opening was supposed to be, and he found a place where he thought the opening should be but he was some way off. He tunneled into the pyramid starting about here and he tunneled down seventy feet, down to about here, and it was very, very hard, although they were limestone blocks, they couldn't do it with chisels, the chisels would all break and wear out in a hurry so they heated the rocks with torches and then they threw cold vinegar on them and they cracked them and then they hit them with battering rams. It took months to go the seventy feet. And he was about ready to give up when a rock dropped right above him and so they said the passageway must be right above us so they tunneled upward and they came out somewhere in here and they found there were 10 big blocks of limestone in here that weighed about two tons each, blocking the passageway. Well once they found the passageway they went up here and found the opening, but they couldn't get the limestone blocks out because they wouldn't slide out. The passageway got narrower and it was like a bottleneck.

You wonder why I bring this point into this and it's because some people get the concocted idea that this was built for a tomb for a Pharaoh. Well, if it was built for the tomb of a Pharaoh and this was the only opening, how could they get the body out, if it was blocked with ten blocks that wouldn't come out this way. They usually rob a grave at night. But it took him months. He broke up these blocks and hauled them out in order to examine the pyramid. After he got these out of the way, he found this block here and it was made of red granite. So he started chiseling at that and it wouldn't chisel away at all. So they dug around that and they got to the ascending passageway and they found twelve blocks in there. They had to do the same thing there. So how did they get that body out, if there was a body in there? Al Mamoun found this box empty. There had never been a body in it, it was never built as a tomb. But some pyramidologists get the idea it was a tomb because there are about 70 pyramids in Egypt, all built after this one, and they're all tombs of kings. But this is different from all the rest. All the rest only have chambers underneath the ground, and this is the only one that has chambers above the ground. The other pyramids are just shells that have been filled with rubble, which was something that's real easy to do. Just pour in rubble like you pour stones in a sack. Whereas this one is masonry that is very highly crafted and well put together. So the reason there were the stones in there is so we can prove there was never a body in there. God went through all kinds of trouble just to prove this. Because if it was a tomb of a Pharaoh, it wouldn't give it any credence.

But nevertheless the early pyramidologists, when they discovered this, they call this the king's chamber because they thought there was supposed to be a king in there. They called this the queen's chamber. But they named this one right because this is the king's chamber. It's the chamber of the great king that brings the kingdom of God on earth, but we'll get to that later.

So we have Al Mamoun getting into the pyramid, and he ransacked it, and found no maps, no great wealth, and it took him many months and he had a lot of workmen doing this and several of them became exhausted going down in that pit with torches. With the fumes they would pass out. I imagine some of them got emphysema or other diseases, we don't know, but it was hot down there because of the torches and things like that. So Al Mamoun scattered some gold around, gold coins and pieces of gold throughout the pyramid for them to find because they were supposed to share in the booty. This is the way he paid them for their work. As far as the maps were concerned, we're going to get into the maps of the pyramid, they're mold into the pyramid itself. But because they couldn't find any great wealth, the pyramid fell into disuse. They felt it was just built for nothing. This was in the 8th century A.D. So bats, and snakes, and other things, vermin, reptiles, crawled into the pyramid, some made nests and things like this and they had all kinds of droppings, and it started to stink and the owls and the bats would fly out of the pyramid and people would think this was a bad omen, and they stayed away from the pyramid. But why did God allow all that to happen to the pyramid? Well that was for the pyramid's protection, people stayed out of it. Man is the greatest destroyer in the world. Everything he gets his hands on he destroys. Think of all the species of animals that have disappeared because of the destruction of man. He destroys the atmosphere, he destroys the water and the food chain. Everything he does, he's very destructive. And God didn't intend for this pyramid to be destroyed.

The pyramid had a highly polished coating of white granite rock. When the sun shone on it, due to the fact that it was concave, it would reflect a beam of light way out into the desert. The word pyramid means light measure, or the Hebrew word for Revelation Measure. In other words it was something to measure God's Revelations. It was also a light measure because it reflected the light way out into the desert when the sun shone on it. Once a year the sun was right over the pyramid, and all four sides would reflect the sun's light, only once a year. So the pyramid was standing there being a revelation measure and a light measure, but there was a great earthquake in Cairo, and the city was destroyed. So the people of Cairo went and took the casing stones, these highly polished rocks, and rebuilt the city of Cairo, and most of the mosques and great buildings of Cairo were built from these casing stones of the pyramid. But this didn't distort the message that it has, so it was probably all right that they used them. However it would have been beautiful if there were on there today.

So the pyramid remained in great disuse. Now we come to Sir Isaac Newton, one of the foremost scientists of a few centuries back. Sir Isaac Newton was working on a project and one of his projects was gravity. In order to prove his theory he had to know the diameter of the earth. The French hadn't come along yet with their measurement of the earth, they were coming out with their metric system then, and if he had that, they would have been wrong anyhow, so he needed to find the diameter of the earth in order to find the length of the sacred cubit. The common or vulgar unit, which was a cubit, was 18 inches long. But the sacred cubit was different and this was the cubit in the beginning and he needed the length of this. And if he knew the diameter of the earth he would be able to work out his theory. So they asked him if he knew anyplace where the sacred cubit was, and he said, yes, Noah built the arc using the sacred cubit. They didn't know where the arc came to rest. They knew the Bible said Mount Ararat, but they hadn't discovered it up there yet. They said where else? And he said in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. This sent a stream of scientists to find this sacred cubit. But first they had to clean out all the manure out of the passageways, they had to air it out and they had to renovate it, and they went to work to find the sacred cubit. And they found the sacred cubit by going up the pyramid they found the granite leaf and on it there's a little boss. This boss is five inches across and five inches tall, which is the square root of 25. Also the center of this boss is 25 inches from the east wall, and it's not near any other wall. So the length of the sacred cubit is 25 inches. Then they measured how far the boss sticks out, and they used jeweler's calipers to do this, and they found it to be 11 ten thousands of an inch bigger than the British inch. So here we have the pyramid inch and the sacred cubit. And these are the two measurements that the coded message of the pyramid is contained in. Everything is either by the sacred cubit or the pyramid inch. They used the pyramid inch to determine the scientific aspects of the pyramid.

So they found these scientific things, but again they wondered why all this scientific stuff was in the pyramid, but they couldn't find these facts until after they had been discovered other ways. So some of them got the idea that the builders of the pyramid weren't just smart, they were God smart, that is, they had a manifestation of God that revealed these things to them, therefore they said there must be a greater message than just these things. So somebody got the idea that the passageways into the pyramid were a chronological time scale, with each inch representing one year. So several people went down there and started looking it over and they said well, maybe so. They looked at the drawing, and they got the idea that this was the way to hell. In the Bible it says there's a Broadway to hell and everybody finds this one real easy, they slide right down into it. But the spiritual path to heaven is small and torturous and it's an uphill battle. So they got the idea that man was going down and all of a sudden it gets to a point where it's possible to go up again. Then they don't know what the Grand Gallery is or what the overlays are and they got to the two rooms, and they said, AHA, Moses built a tabernacle in the desert and divided into two rooms. Then finally Solomon made it into a big stone building. They said well, this must be the model and Moses used it to make a replica, which was his two-room tabernacle. Now how would Moses happen to do this? Well, Moses was raised as the Pharaoh's daughter's son and out of the back window, there was the pyramid. And in the library, there was the drawing that we have here of the great Pyramid. Of course these drawings were finally destroyed by the wicked priests of Christendom. In the third century, they went and burned the library of Cairo of Alexandria where these drawings were. And they took Hipacia, who was a priestess, who was very scientific and the priests, as she was driving down the street in a chariot, they pulled her off of her chariot, stripped her clothes off her and scraped her skin off with sea shells. Because they looked at science as unclean. And they destroyed the drawings of this pyramid. So they had to be reproduced by people going in and measuring everything again.

But if you look at this, you can see that it looks like man is going upward until here he is coming to the kingdom at the end of the passageways. But at a certain time man fell, and this is at the time of the flood. So the followers of Adam's teachings are represented outside the pyramid, and then each course of masonry represents a century, until you get to the opening at the 25th course of masonry, which is the time of the coming of Noah and the great flood, at which time the Adamites had turned away from God, which is why he destroyed them in a flood, all except Noah. So then we get to the three-part Covenant of Moses, which brings them hope of salvation from error again.

So then we get to the time of the Astronomer Royale of Scotland, named Piazza Smith. HE became imbued with the idea that there was a spiritual message in the passageways of the pyramid. He was a highly educated scientific man, as well as being highly religious. So he made some rods. He cut them at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the same temperature as the mean temperature of the pyramid. The reason for cutting them at length is that iron expands and contracts in heat and cold and he had to have them perfect. And we went down and measured the various passageways. Later on other people measured them and David Davidson spent 20 years in the pyramid going over all the measurements that the other ones had made. He wrote the book the Pyramid and it's Divine Message. So one of the things that he discovered, was the distance from here to here was 1455.778 pyramid inches, which gave him the zero point. That gave him the birth of Jesus. The reason they had to establish the zero point is because the Christians have their calendar geared completely around the birth of Jesus. Everything before Jesus was B.C. So this established the date for the exodus of Moses.

Then from the exodus of Moses, they came up to a scored line, and the distance from this passageway to the scored line is 687.8933174 P", which gives the date for Abraham's exodus from Ur of the Chaldees on May 2nd, 2144 B.C. This event synchronizes exactly with the alignment of some stars with the scored line and the descending passageway.

On that same date, May 2, 2144 B.C., the Polar Star Alpha Draconis was aligned with the descending passageway, and the star named Alcyone of the Plieades was aligned with this scored line.

Then we come to the purple arch on the ceiling of the descending passageway, and as the beginning of the descending passageway is 356.328683 P" from the scored line, the purple arch is the stone of Noah and the beginning of the descending passageway gives the date for Noah as January 1, 2500 B.C. The purple arch represents the rainbow in the sky and is recorded in the ninth chapter of the book of Genesis. God put the rainbow in the sky and made a covenant with Noah that he would never destroy the world with a flood again. Therefore this is the sign of Noah and also the sign of the Covenant.

As this is resting on the 15th layer of masonry, and each layer represents one century, we add 1500 to 2500 and we get the date of the coming of Adam in 4000 B.C., who was responsible for building this pyramid, along with his establisher Enoch and also Tubelcain.

From this point here we're going to go up what we call the ascending passageway, which is this passageway here on the pyramid. Then we're going to go into the Grand Gallery which is next part. This is called the ascending passageway, this is the descending passageway and that's the Grand Gallery. We're going to go into there because there are some very, very important things. The only things that the Christians were able to get out of there was from this point here to the zero point, and they found Jesus all right. So they knew about Jesus. But they didn't know what the Red Granite Donuts, square donuts were. That is, they are hollow, and they surround the passageway. They were put in there and became part of the passageway but they didn't know why. Now the Christians came to the conclusion that everyplace that's Red Granite, in the pyramid, this is a spiritual occurrence. The passageways were made of limestone, highly polished limestone blocks, but we come to the granite and they concluded the reason the granite was used, it was fireborn. Whereas the limestone was water-formed, it was sedimentary rock. The other was formed by heat, and it represents the spiritual. They recognized that this point here was the three points of Moses' Covenant that we went through. But they didn't know what this was, or this was, or this was, or this was, and, they figured from the zero point to here and they got to 1844 inches. But they didn't know what occurred in 1844. Piazza Smith found the 1844 and he found it in the 1860s or something like that, and he swore that if he would have found that date earlier, back in the 1830s or something like that, he would swear that that would be the date for the return of Jesus Christ. That is, since Jesus Christ didn't come down out of the sky, he discounted that that could be the date for the return of Jesus Christ. He found that 1844 in the Bible was the date for the return, which we went through when we were going over the proofs. So this is all a mystery. Then when we get to 1844 we recognize that a tremendous thing took place in the world, that is, the start of the industrial age. In fact, in 1844, on the very same date that the Bab made his proclamation, Morris, the inventor, sent the first telegram in the world. And the message that he sent was "See what God hath wrought." From that time on communication just blossomed out. From the time of Christ to the time of 1844 the fastest way you could send a message was by Pony Express. Now with just the touch of a finger, the message can go from Baltimore to Washington on that day. Also, other things happened. The train started rolling down the tracks, bringing an increase in speed of travel. The steamship, where they used to have to depend upon the wind, now they had the steamship. They kept going faster, and first thing you know they did away with the telegraph and they came in with the wireless, then the radio and the television. They went from the railroad train to the automobile and then to the airplane, and now we've put a man on the moon and they're talking about putting one on Mars. All since 1844. They asked Jesus when was the close of the age and he told them to turn to Daniel, and when we got that date from Daniel, we got the date for the close of the age, in 1844, and it was March the 21st. That's the date for the start of the Baha'i calendar. They found that date. The rest of the dates from what these meant. The Christians could never figure out these dates because they don't believe in any of the other prophets, outside of Moses and Jesus. They tried to fit these things to some of the kings and to some of the minor prophets in the Old Testament, but they didn't fit so they just discounted that they meant too much. But when Dr. Jensen had the Stone with Seven Eyes before him, he started to break the code of the Great Pyramid.

Now they had these overlays,.and they didn't know what they meant. You can see here that they get narrower at the top, the further up you go. But both sides are the same, and both sides are overlays. They didn't know what they meant. This is very important because these represent the nine manifestations of God, with the first one starting with Adam. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus. From Moses to here, they had that. What about this distance? This distance from here to here is exactly 419.698 pyramid inches. But this doesn't mean anything. So what Dr. Jensen did, was he subtracted this 419.698 from the length of the first overlay and he got very interesting results.

Show visual aid of measurements. We're going to subtract the length of the lower overlay, which is 1875.476 inches. We're going to subtract from that, 419.698 and we get 1455.778 inches. That is the same measurement I gave you from here to here, which was the exodus of Moses, starting from the zero point. Remember, I just gave you at the start of this, which was 1455.778, or March 21st, 1456 B.C., the date of the exodus of Moses, that is a whole new nation started with Moses taking the people of Israel out of Egypt. They never were able to figure out the exact date of the exodus of Moses. Velikovsky said circa 1450, meaning about that date. Heuster, who gave the dating of the Bible, said 1472 B.C. But the pyramid gives the exact for the exodus and the reason we can see this is the exact date, is the distance from here to here is the same as the distance from here to here subtracted from the Moses overlay. Both of them give exactly the same date. So one confirms the other. Velikovsky did a lot of research on this and he got it right within five years, and he said it's somewhere right around then. The pyramid points out the exact date.

We're going to show the perfection of this pyramid dating is a little while. So now what he did, the next manifestation that follows Moses was Krishna. So he subtracted the distance from here to this square donut, that is the length of that distance is 652.2150 pyramid inches and we subtracted from the second overlay, or the Krishna overlay, which is 1869.362 inches, and we subtract 652.2150 and we get 1217.1515 inches or November the 7th, 1218 B.C. So we get the date of Krishna. The people thought his coming was about that time, but they didn't know exactly when he came. This gives the date. Now we're going to show you something very exact to prove all this.

We're going to take the distance from here to Zoroaster, which is 861.723 pyramid inches and we're going to subtract it from to overlay of Zoroaster which is 1861.723 inches, subtract from that, 861.723, and you get 1000 P", which is January 1st, 1000 B.C. This is very significant. In the Vesta, Zoroaster said that he came 3000 years before his birth, and he said 3000 years after his birth, the forces of light would win over the forces of darkness. He's talking about the start of the Adamic cycle in 4000 B.C., that is, you go from the time of Zoroaster in 1000 B.C. and you subtract 3000 years from that, and you get 4000 B.C. In other words what he was saying is that he was in the plan of God from the very beginning, from the time of Adam. Then he says 3000 years after his birth, the forces of light would win over the forces of darkness. This would be in January 1st, 2000 A.D., when all the people of the world will start the millennium, the 1000 years of peace. Of course a lot is going to happen before that. But there's another thing that's very important, there is a scored line in there. The scored line goes three inches in and three inches out on each side of the passageway. Each inch representing a millennium or 1000 years, would give you the 3000 in and the 3000 out, or the 3000 years from the time of Adam to the appearance of Zoroaster, and the 3000 years from the time of Zoroaster to the year 2000. Also, this scored line is halfway between the ceiling and the floor of this passageway, which represents the nine manifestations of God of the Adamic Cycle. One of the things that Zoroaster said was, 1000 years after my birth you will see a star in the sky, he says you will follow that star and you will come to a manger and there you will find me. We all know the nativity story. At the manger, the Magi, Zoroastrian priests, with the prophecy of Zoroaster's hand, coming to the manger and bringing the gifts to the infant Jesus of frankincense, incense and myrrh, and gold. And we can't have the nativity scene without these Zoroastrian priests dressed in royal robes, on camels, coming from the east. It was exactly 1000 years from the birth of Zoroaster to the birth of Christ. And the star in the east lead them to the manger. This is in the Bible. And this prophecy was written 1000 years before the coming of Jesus. So here we've proved our finding here. This distance from the start of this passageway to the start of this square donut, subtracted from the length of this overlay and we get 1000 B.C. Three thousand years from this to here we will have the forces of light overcoming the forces of darkness. And we go three thousand years down this way and we will have the start of the Adamic cycle as given by the pyramid and in the Bible, 4000 B.C. So we have something here that is so cotton pickin' important because we are using mathematics, the same type of mathematics they used to put a man on the moon. Accurate, flawless mathematics, to prove that this is the plan of God, that God had a plan, and that He was making man in His image, through these manifestations. He said, "let us make man in our image," meaning in the image of the nine manifestations, that is Adam, Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, and here's the stone for Jesus Christ and the stone for Mohammed in 1260, here. We'll get into more of this later. But the most important thing is we have just proved the scientific spiritual aspects. Whereas before we proved the scientific physical aspects, such as pi and the distance from the earth to the sun, and the diameter of the earth and the solar year. All that scientific stuff is in the pyramid, but that was only to give it credence, so that God's plan, once the ninth manifestation comes, who is the second Messiah that establishes God's kingdom and the 1000 years of peace in the world so we'll be able to recognize him and accept him. So we have here the most important thing that has come to light, not only in the twentieth century, but in all centuries. The promised one of the ages has come. He has given a Revelation. He is a descendant of David. He fulfilled the prophecies. We go through the prophecies in our firesides. His name was prophesied, the address where he was going to come, the date for his coming was given in the Bible. All these are given in the Bible, and that he is going to establish the kingdom of God on earth, all this is given in the Bible, and we're going to go into that more.

So we go up there from the starting point to Buddha's square donut, and we subtract it from the next overlay. And the length of the overlay is 1854.797 inches and the distance from the start of the passageway from here to Buddha, is 1073.17 pyramid inches. So we subtract the 1073.17 inches and we get 781.627, or May 17th 782 B.C. The Buddhists are all divided. Some have Buddha coming in 900 B.C., some have him coming in 500 B.C. But the evidences of this in India and so forth points it to it being closer to what the pyramid gives in 782 B.C. So here we have the dates. The important thing is this. In the past, the Christians will accept Moses and Christ. The Christians could never unite the world. If you go over there and tell the Chinese that Buddha's a false prophet they'll say, "Hey get out of here, go home." It's just like if the Buddhists should happen to come over to America and go in the Catholic church and tell them that Jesus was a false prophet and he wasn't a messenger of God. The Christians know he is. And the Chinese know that Buddha is. How are they going to get together? How are they going to become united? No other way than by absolute, positive proof. Absolutely positive proof. Scientific, just like if you put two apples and two apples on the table and count them and you have four apples. There is no difference. What is important about this? God gave you the intellect so that you're not fed a line, in order for them to hijack you and take your money away from you. You can decided with your intellect what is true and what is false. If it wasn't for mathematics you'd go to the store and you'd buy a peck of potatoes, you might come out with one pound or two pounds or three pounds. People don't know how many pounds in a peck. If you don't have mathematics you're going to get cheated, whether it's in this physical life or in the spiritual life. That's why we have it. We're going to get hijacked. People are going to take our money away from us. And what to they give you in return for it? They don't give you salvation like they say. They give you some beautiful organs and some beautiful singers. Did you ever see Tami and Jim Baker? They were gorgeous. Then you go over to their house and they have this Disneyland affair, with a ferris wheel and rides and this what the people got for their money. Other preachers don't give them anything. All of them claim they give salvation, but none of them give salvation. But at least Jim Baker used to give them some pleasure, that is, before he went to prison for extortion. But this isn't what religion is about. Religion is in order to be able to recognize God's plan in order to put it into effect for our benefit. If we follow God's laws and teachings we wouldn't be at war. We wouldn't have all the convulsions in the world. We wouldn't have all the disease and poverty. This is why this is important so we can arrive at the truth.

The next thing is, this is the stone of Jesus. By the way, this stone isn't in the pyramid any more. When Al Mamoun went in there, he found this stone laying down here. He left it laying there and then the different other pyramidologists came such as Piazza Smith and Davidson and the others, and one of them finally took it all out of there and it's in pile outside of the pyramid, in a pile laying on the ground. But why is the stone of Jesus missing? Jesus said that he is the stone that the builders rejected. How is that they happened to reject it? The way they built this pyramid, they put one layer of stone and another and each layer may be about four feet high, approximately. When they got up here, this is the forty-ninth layer, this bottom part, and this top part is the fiftieth layer. So they got up here and they laid this on here. At that time everything in the pyramid was sealed. This was sealed, this was sealed, and it was all sealed. These weigh about ninety-five tons each, and there are nine of them. They were laid on there perfect. Then there was an earthquake. A great earthquake. They needed to go in there to see if there was any damage, to see if these dates were monkeyed with with the earthquake. What were they going to do? They decided not to interrupt, by taking that off, so they drilled a hole from here into here. Then they descended down into this passageway and they went into here and they found that one of these beams had cracked. These people that built this pyramid had a cement that was stronger than rock and they patched it up with cement and that patch is there today and it's stronger than the rock itself. Remember when I started this I said the different rocks in the pyramid have a cement that is invisible and you can't separate the rocks at the joints. You can break the stones but you can't separate them at the joints, so strong is that cement. So they cemented it up and then they came down here and of course this is all blocked up there are twelve limestone blocks from here up to here so they couldn't get into there, and they wanted to get down there and see everything else, they wanted to go in this chamber, so they had to break off that stone. That's the stone that the builders rejected. The builders that built the pyramid broke it off and let it go in a heap down to here and they went in here and found that this was all all right. And they went down here and they found this was all right. And of course there were stones from here to here, they couldn't examine that, so they came down here and examined this. So they found everything was all right so they went back out and they finished the pyramid. This is the stone that the builders rejected. This is the zero point.

You come up this passageway here and there's a little scored line, three and a half inches from the start of the Grand Gallery. This point here gives us March 21, 27 A.D. That is, from the zero point to that scored line is March 21, 27 A.D. Then if we go up to the entrance line, we get December 21, 30 A.D. and this is when Jesus started his ministry. It was 29.772 pyramid inches from the zero point to the entrance. Then if you take a plum bob and drop it down, you find this is three and a half inches in from this one. So we get March 21, 34 A.D. when Jesus was crucified. It was 33.222 inches. Jesus was 33 years of age when he was crucified in 34 A.D. and we found these exact dates in the Bible, given by Daniel. So who's the liar? These two, the pyramid and the Bible, are exactly in conformity. Now these things didn't take place maybe a week or so apart. These measurements were so accurate that there wasn't a hair's breadth deviation in this. When you're measuring something a block or so long and you only get a hair's breadth deviation, they say it's perfect. These are perfect. Now mathematics is perfect and one of the most perfect of all mathematics is measurement. We can measure these using a jeweler's calipers, which is a two-legged hinged instrument used to accurately measuring a distance when a straight line ruler cannot be used. They use these when making little fine watches and things like that. So this is the perfection. This is why the pyramid cannot be reproduced today, because the perfection that is in this pyramid cannot be reproduced. Of course we explained it is the biggest building in the world in mass. At the start of the twentieth century it was the biggest building in height in the world. So the perfection in here is exquisite.

Then we wanted to get the date for Jesus. So here we have the stone for Jesus. The length of the overlay for Jesus is 1846.722 pyramid inches. You subtract from this the length of the Grand Gallery floor from its opening up to the Great Step, which is 1813.5 P", and you get 33.222 P" which is March 21st, 34 A.D., the age of Jesus when he was crucified, the same dates that we got from this. The exact same dates: proving Jesus beyond a doubt. Now a lot of people are leaving Christianity. When you go in the church you get a lot of baloney, you know? You get sick of being fed baloney all the time. Baloney might be all right, but if all you get is baloney, you're going to get indigestion. The one thing about baloney, no matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney. So we are coming up with something here that a person must have to be way out in left field, not to want to accept this type of perfection. Now if God can create you and your body is so perfect with all the nerves and everything in the right place. He didn't put your eyes down on your butt, you know what I mean, where you sit, you know what I mean? He got everything in the right place on your body. Now if He can create that perfection in your body, He can send these teachers to this earth at the exact time on His schedule when He started the Adamic cycle. The reason for this is to prove that these are the ones that He sent, to prove that these are the ones that God sent. And many of these same dates are found in the pyramids in Mexico in the pyramids. All over the world, we have the same dates. The Buddhists have these dates. The Christian and the Jewish calendar have them. The pyramid has them. There's no need for us to be at war with people, saying I'm right and you're wrong. It's just like the student in third grade telling the person in the fourth grade, "Oh you're all off. Only third grade is the perfect grade. Second grade, we can't go by that. That's past, see? But fourth grade, that's bunk, see? Likewise, the people in fourth grade put down the people in third grade and the people in fifth grade because they say fourth grade is the only true grade. The sun of Sunday [Friday] will go [went] down here in the west in a little while [ago]. Tomorrow morning the sun of Monday [Saturday] is going to rise. The sun of Sunday and Monday [Friday and Saturday] is the same sun, but coming at a different time at a different point of the zodiac or horizon. But it's still the same sun. When Zoroaster said 1000 years from my birth you'll find me, this is not referring to the person of Zoroaster. This is God talking through His mouthpiece Zoroaster, "In a thousand years you'll find Me in another mouthpiece, giving another message from God, the Logos, the thought of God expressed in a Revelation or in a Word." So we have these different manifestations and here is the one of Jesus which we have just set. We have the date for the coming of Jesus both in the Bible and in the Great Pyramid.

The next thing we want to do is Mohammed. Jesus said nobody comes to the Father except through me. Jesus is the last one at the end of this passageway. Any of these here have to go past Jesus in the passageway to get up here to the Father. But Mohammed came 613 years after Jesus, so they couldn't put him in here, exactly, so God placed Mohammed down here in what's called the Grotto. And this is the stone for Mohammed, and it's sitting on a precipice. One side of the rock is over a precipice and the other side is over solid rock. This stands for the two sects of Islam. One is the Shiite and the other is the Sunni. The Sunni was perverse Islam, whereas the Shiite retained the Imams, who were the true successors to Mohammed. Therefore the Shiite were on solid ground. The date is 126 and there's a space there which makes it 0, it's 1260. This is the same 1260 that Jesus said in the Bible in the book of Revelation. He talks about the coming of one in the 11th and the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation. He talks about the coming of Mohammed. And in the book of John, in the 14th chapter, he calls Mohammed by name and this name was translated into the Greek as Paraclete, and into the English Bible as the Comforter. But Jesus also gives the date for the coming of Mohammed, as does the pyramid, which gives the date 1260 A.D., after the coming of Jesus.

We take the length of the sixth overlay of Mohammed, which is 1842.318 P", and we subtract 1260 from this. 1260 is the date for the advent of the Bab according to the Muslim calendar, which is given in Daniel and other places in the Bible. This gives you 582.316 P". Add to this the distance from the Zero Point to the start of the Grand Gallery, which is 29.722 P", and you get 613.04 P", or January 14, 613 A.D., the date for the proclamation of Mohammed.

So we have the date of Mohammed, we have the dates of all the manifestations of God so far. So the Christians measured from the zero point to the upper end of the Grand Gallery and they come to 1843.222 P" and they were befuddled. Now they knew that this was a spiritual passageway, that everything in this passageway pertained to people sent by God. But when they get to the end of the passageway, they said this was the beginning of the industrial age. Then they started measuring to see the different things that happened in the secular world, such as World War I, World War II and all those things. Nothing jived. They were guessing. It doesn't pertain to the industrial age, it pertains to the coming of the kingdom. This junction is also at the East-West Center Line, marking the end of the Christian Era and calendar on March 21, 1844 A.D., which is the beginning of the New Age. The Baha'i Era and calendar were inaugurated by the Bab who made his proclamation on May 23rd, 1844 A.D. This date corresponds exactly to the date given by Daniel in the Bible of 2300 days or years from 457 B.C. (Daniel 8:13, 14). They knew this was called the King's Chamber, but they didn't know it signifies the coming of the Davidic King, the second Christ, the coming of Baha'u'llah. One of the things they did just about right is as each inch represented a year in these passageways, at this point they said due to the fact that the purpose of the passageway was to get to these two rooms, whatever they meant, and since they couldn't go by one inch representing a year, they'd make it one inch representing a month. But they used a 30-day month and they couldn't get anything right. At this particular point, with the coming of the Bab, he made a new calendar and he made 19 days to a month and 19 months to a year. Therefore each inch represents 19 days plus 1/19th of four and a quarter intercalary days.

The trouble with other Revelations which are written down, the manuscripts can be altered and the words changed. Or they can get lost and somebody could replace them with something else. A lot of things go screwy sometimes. But you can't get in there and shrink rock, and expand rock. You can't alter this. And it stayed there from the time it was built 5500 years ago, just as perfect as it was when it was built. And one thing about mathematics, it's an international language. If we speak in other languages, we have translations, and they might change the meanings. Like in changing from Hebrew to Aramaic to Greek and finally around to English. Maybe some things are altogether different. And some of the scriptures written by apostles were maybe written many years after Jesus had gone on, from memory. But here we have God giving in a concrete manner, the coming of the Glory of God, Baha'u'llah, prophesied in the Bible, the ninth manifestation. He concludes the Adamic cycle and starts a new cycle. Then we'll have other manifestations coming in a thousand years. So here we have the proof of Baha'u'llah.

We have other dates in here that I don't have time to get into for example the date the Spirit of God descended on Baha'u'llah on Aug. 28, 1952, and the date when the martyrdoms of the Babis started taking place. There were ten thousand martyrdoms that took place. If you turn to Jude it says, "Then he'll come with ten thousand saints" (Jude 14, KJV). The ten thousand saints are the ten thousand martyrs of the Babi faith, including the Bab himself, purifying the sanctuary with his blood and the blood of his followers. The Bab means door or gate. He was the forerunner of Baha'u'llah, to prepare the way for Baha'u'llah, and he came to Iran and he exploded all the myths that the clergy had put into this religion of Islam. Thus he was martyred as well as his followers were martyred because he opposed the perversion of the Shiite religion that was the right religion but by the time of the Bab it had become very, very perverse. So the Bab of course was martyred. Then Baha'u'llah received the Holy Spirit and then we come to His proclamation.

There are 366.88097 P" from the start of the Altar or Great Step to the Holy of Holies or King's Chamber. One inch equals one Baha'i month which is represented by the measurement of 19.2237 P". So you divide 366.88097 and you get 19 years and 31 days. If you add this to March 21, 1844, which is the beginning of the Great Step, you get April 21, 1863 A.D. when Baha'u'llah made His proclamation on the exact date prophesied by Daniel. We can go into the date in Daniel in our fireside for the proofs of Baha'u'llah if you would like to come and attend our firesides.

Now we come to an arc of the Covenant. If you remember that when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and took the Jews into captivity in Babylon, he took the arc of the covenant with him. And it became lost. When they rebuilt the temple the second time, they didn't have the arc of the covenant or the covenant to put in it. From that point on the Jews were apostate. God gave them, through Moses, a way for the removal of their sins and that is, there was an arc of the covenant and it had to be in the temple, or the temple was not able to remove their sins. They have been under the conditions of the curse, which is represented by the second stone of Moses, which we've already explained. So here we have the arc of the covenant of Moses. This arc of the covenant of Moses is exactly the same dimensions as the arc of the covenant in the pyramid. It's 144,000 cubic pyramid inches, which also represents the elect that are going to come about through the teachings of the Lamb. These are the 144,000 that will come under this covenant of Baha'u'llah. If they're not under this covenant, they're not of the 144,000. Therefore they're going to have to recognize Baha'u'llah in order to come under the covenant. Now how did Moses happen to build a tabernacle in the desert, fashioned after this archetypical temple? Well it says in the Bible that the Lord said, "I gave you a model for the building of your temple or your tabernacle." So he says I gave it to you so you'd know how to build it. Well Moses was raised in the palace of the Pharaoh. Right outside his back window was this Great Pyramid and he knew what was inside of it and this was the type of temple that he was setting out to build. That was just a temple to take the place of this temple in the pyramid, until the time of the coming of the temple of the Bab and Baha'u'llah that is represented here in the pyramid. This is the fulfillment of the temple. Moses' temple was an interim temple that was finally destroyed. It will never be rebuilt again because the temple is the Bab and Baha'u'llah. The arc of the covenant holds Baha'u'llah's covenant, and in this covenant Baha'u'llah establishes His descendancy which comes all the way down from David, forever. There will always be a descendant of David seated on the throne of David, forever. The covenant breakers said they need to get rid of the Davidic kingship because 'Abdu'l-Baha said he's the guardian and the guardian guards the faith and we want to corrupt it and pervert it and take it over and steal the money and take over the membership and the institutions. And the reason that they did this is they felt the administration of Shoghi Effendi was going to become a world government. Therefore, they would inherit the world government. They're no different from Napoleon or Hitler or Alexander the Great. They were all thinking of one thing: power. So the Baha'i membership went along with their baloney again. But God had the seventh angel up His sleeve, ready to blow his trumpet. So we have here the plan of God to bring us to the Revelation of God.

Now we have something else that is very important here, and it's that this establisher, this seventh angel, is also prophesied in the pyramid. This seventh angel fulfilled the third chapter of Zechariah: "And he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him." This took place on April the 21st of 1963. 'Abdu'l-Baha said this seventh angel would come exactly one hundred years after Baha'u'llah's proclamation on April the 21st, 1863. And he fulfilled the prophecy of the 1335 years of Daniel and 'Abdu'l-Baha says you add this to the victory of Mohammed in 628 A.D. and this gives you April the 21st of 1963, and we go through that in our fireside for the proofs of the establisher or the seventh angel. So at that date the establisher of the Baha'i faith was opposed by Satan, and we have a statement by the guardian of the Baha'i faith to show that Rex King was designated the Satan of the Baha'i Era,and Rex King opposed Leland Jensen on April 21, 1963. "And the Lord said to Satan, the Lord rebuke thee O Satan, even the Lord that has chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee, is this not a brand plucked out of the fire?" The guardian rebuked this Satan that attacked Leland Jensen, who fulfills these prophecies in Zechariah 3. "Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and he stood before the angel." That is, he was in the Montana State Prison, and the type of beef that he had, as given in our proofs for the Establisher fireside, was the dirty jacket charge, so he had a dirty garment or dirty jacket. "And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him saying, 'Take away the filthy garment from him ,' and unto him he said, 'Behold I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee and I will clothe thee with a change of raiment.'" Today the Joshua has a white aura, which is the spiritual qualities and attributes of God that are reflected in a balanced spectrum, kind of like when the colors of the rainbow are reflected in a balanced spectrum, you get white light. The beef that Leland Jensen had was a contrived beef, contrived by his enemies to get him out of the way. We go into detail about this in our fireside about the promised Joshua. "And I said, 'Let them set a fair mitre upon his head.'" From that day on he knew what everything was in the scriptures and he was able to break the code to this pyramid. He had an angel that visited him at that time in the prison and from that time on he had the fair mitre on his head and he was able to know and understand the scriptures and he was able to decode the pyramid. Nobody else understands this information.

Without this knowledge, this information in the pyramid would not have been able to be decoded. No one else has this information. This was not given by Baha'u'llah, but it was given by His establisher. The only people who have this information are the people that the establisher of the Baha'i faith has taught. Jerome Hellmann helped Dr. Jensen decode this information and he wrote it down and now Neal Chase is going over everything and perfecting it.

"And the angel of the Lord protested against Joshua saying, 'Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, if thou wilt walk in my ways and thou wilt keep my charge then thou wilt also judge my house and thou shalt also keep my courts and I will give thee places to walk among those that stand by. Hear now Joshua the high priest, thou and thy fellows that sit before thee, for they are men wondered at, for behold I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH.'"

Of course Baha'u'llah appointed Abdu'l-Baha to be His successor and He called him the Most Great Branch. Then Abdu'l-Baha, in his Will and Testament, he made his successors called the guardians, which he referred to as branches. The Covenant-breakers threw these branches out, violating the Covenant. Therefore God has this Joshua, and in the Catholic Bible it doesn't say Joshua, it says Jesus. Jesus and Joshua are the same word. In the Catholic Bible it says, "He showed me Jesus the high priest...." Now Jesus, in the Bible, besides being the Christ, he was also a high priest after the order of Melchizedek, not after the order of Aaron. Therefore he wasn't able to put his covenant in that temple built by hands because in that temple, only a high priest after the order of Aaron could go into it. And that temple was built by hands. Therefore Jesus placed his covenant in the temple in heaven. But Baha'u'llah's Covenant, they placed in the temple here on earth, the kingdom of God on earth. The Covenant-breakers have done away with this Covenant, therefore the Joshua reestablishes this BRANCH. This is the mission of the Joshua, to reestablish the BRANCH in the world. And it says, "For behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua; upon one stone shall be seven eyes." The prison that Leland Jensen was in had a stone wall around it with seven watchtowers. No matter which way he turned he had the stone with seven eyes before him. Then in the nineteenth chapter of Revelation where it talks about the man on the white horse, and the man on a white horse is a knight and Leland Jensen was knighted by Shoghi Effendi. And it says, "...behold, I will engrave the graving thereof, saith the Lord of Hosts." The knight on the white horse has many diadems or many titles. Then he has a title that no one knows but himself. The most important thing is now coming up here. He says, "I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day." Leland's name is "the land," Le' Land. The iniquity of Joshua and the iniquity of the land are the same iniquity. Nobody knew that this meany a person. It says in the nineteenth chapter of Revelation that he has a name that nobody knows but him and nobody would know this unless they had that name and they fulfilled these prophecies. He had the stone with seven eyes before him, he wore the dirty garment, he was opposed by Satan at the date given by Daniel, and he had the fair mitre on his head, or you wouldn't know all this stuff. Now somebody can't just pick this out of the air. Nobody's been able to put this together, and Leland or anyone else wouldn't be able to put this together if they weren't a promised one. Only a promised one could do this.

So how do we know him? Baha'u'llah makes His proclamation on April 21st 1863, and in the four walls there are one hundred Red Granite blocks. You add 100 to the date of Baha'u'llah's proclamation and you get April 21, 1963 when Leland was opposed by Satan and he began his ministry. When he had the visitation at the prison and he found out that he was the promised one, he didn't want to be the promised one, and he refused to tell anyone. Finally his wife told him, she said, "You've got to tell me." That was several months after he knew. So he made her promise that she wouldn't tell anyone. She said she'd keep the secret and she wouldn't tell. But in 1971, on April 29 of 1971, one of the inmates in the prison, a man by the name of Harry Stroup, who had been reading the Bible, he came up to Leland and he said, "Dr. Jensen, you are the Joshua of the third chapter of Zechariah and this prison wall surrounding us is the stone with seven eyes."

He said, "Harry, I didn't tell you that." Harry said, no he had had a visitation. Just like when Jesus asked, "Who do they say I am?"

They said, "They say you're a great man, you're a teacher, and other things." Then he asked the apostles who they thought he was, and Peter said, "Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God." He said, "Peter, I didn't tell you that, but your father who art in heaven." The same thing happened here. That was on April the 29th of 1971. The date of Baha'u'llah's proclamation was April the 21st of 1863, and it was 108 years later that Harry Stroup recognized the high priest Joshua or Jesus who stood in the most Holy place or the Holy of Holies of Baha'u'llah's Revelation. April 21, 1863 + 108 years = April 21st, 1971. But Harry Stroup recognized the Joshua on April the 29th. Baha'u'llah had made His proclamation during a 12-day period, and the first day was a Holy day, but they no one ever knew why on the 9th day, April the 29th, Baha'u'llah stayed awake in the garden of Ridvan all night, and proclaimed that day as being the MOST HOLY DAY. There are only nine Holy days in a year, and no one could understand why that day was the MOST HOLY DAY. Well it so happens that there are nine beams on the ceiling of the King's Chamber. April the 21st is the first day of Ridvan, and April the 29th is the 9th day of Ridvan. It was April the 29th of 1971, 108 years and nine days after Baha'u'llah's proclamation, when Dr. Jensen admitted publicly for the first time that he was the Joshua when he told Harry Stroup, "Yes, I am the Joshua, the Jesus, and I have come to establish my Father's kingdom, Baha'u'llah's kingdom, I'm a knight, and I'm revealing the things that the people need to know so everybody can become Baha'i." Without these proofs, never, would they become Baha'i. There are too many loopholes. He has closed up all of the loopholes, every last thing. Abdu'l-Baha didn't go into the pyramid. He told us about the 1963 date, but he didn't say it was going to be Leland Jensen, or that Leland Jensen was going to be in prison. It was up to Leland Jensen to fulfill these prophecies through the will of God, and then recognize that he had fulfilled them. Now he didn't go down to that prison and knock on the door and say, "Let me in, I'm Joshua, I'm Jesus." You can bet your boots he didn't, he didn't want to go in there. He knew that it was a big hoax, the fact that put him in there, and he didn't know why he was in there, and then he found he was fulfilling prophecy. He wasn't the only one in prison. Jesus was in prison before he went on the cross. Peter was in prison, Paul was in prison for two years. Then if you go way back to the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the twelfth son of Jacob, Joseph was in prison for two years. Baha'u'llah, 40 years. Abdu'l-Baha, 40 years. The Bab was in prison. God has a habit of putting his promised ones in prison. I don't know why. Now Leland would have just as well had anyone else go into that prison and be Joshua. It was no pleasant trip in there. But if it was anything else, 10,000 people or 100,000 people would have tried to fulfill it. If they knew the Land was the name of the one, everybody would have called their sons Leland, to try to fulfill prophecy. It's the calling card. He came in the name, at the address, at the stone with seven eyes and it says in the scriptures that he would come between two mountains of brass, also prophesied in Zechariah. He came at the date, he was opposed by Satan and on the other date, he made his proclamation.

Now, why? Why is this all Red Granite block? All the Red Granite blocks in that Holy of Holies prophesy of Leland. And as Baha'u'llah gave this Revelation and gave the Covenant, and all the Baha'is throughout the world went against this Covenant with the passing of Mason Remey, there were no Baha'is left in the world, except the knight and his wife. He raised up a whole new contingent of Baha'is. And he'll have 144,000 and when he has them, the bombs are going to drop. All the rubbish will be for the fire. All the things that people conjure up in their minds about religion is for the fire.

When Leland was over in the islands, he asked the islanders, "What do you think about America?" Do you know what they told him? They said, "We picture America as a great big factory with a great big crank, that turns and turns out missionaries. One is Baptist, another is Presbyterian, another is Catholic, another is Jehovah's Witness, thousands of them! Thousands and thousands of them!" Now we have New Agers, and so on. But we're going to have the kingdom.

Now we're going to have four winds of destruction and they'll come one following another. The first one is the thermonuclear war and there will be disease and starvation that will accompany that. The next one is the comet or the meteor hitting the earth and this is prophesied in the Old Testament by Daniel and in the New Testament, and it's prophesied in the Koran and Baha'u'llah says a meteor will come and drive the Covenant-breakers off of Mount Carmel. The next would be great earthquakes accompanied by worldwide revolution, and finally the earth's shifting crust. This is very important because after all that radiation the tidal waves will wash all that radiation out.

So we have here these things that are going to take place and then we have the kingship. Now this is a little room up on top. It has 24 White marble stones, 12 on this side and 12 on this side. One stands for the kingship and the other for the Universal House of Justice of Baha'u'llah. The 24 beams represent the 24 appointed members of the first stage of the Universal House of Justice, which are the 24 elders in the Book of Revelation. Twelve of those are the apostles of the Lamb as prophesied in the book of Revelation. We will have the kingdom of God by the end of this century. Everything is given in God's plan, just like when the architect made this house, everything was planned out. They knew where the door was going to be, where the windows were going to be and where the fireplace was going to be, where the toilet was going to be. They didn't plan to put the toilet in the middle of the front room. It wouldn't be appropriate, just like it wouldn't be appropriate to have eyes on the seat of your pants. Everything is in the proper place. God is the greatest of planners. He decided to take man, and bring a whole new phase into existence among mankind, and that is the kingdom of God on earth. But He had to take man through a series of nine manifestations, similar to nine grades in school, with Baha'u'llah bringing the University education on religion. This is what Leland Jensen in establishing. Now he's not a prophet. He's not a manifestation. He's like Paul or Peter, or like Joshua in the time of Moses. Or like Ali in the time of Mohammed. They were the establishers. Abdu'l-Baha explains this in Some Answered Questions on page 66, and he's talking about the seventh angel and he says the seventh angel establishes the kingdom.

So the pyramid is perfect. Now some people think the Great Pyramid is so you can sharpen razor blades or to preserve milk, or someplace to feel comfortable, and they build a portable pyramid. They have all kinds of different concepts about the Great Pyramid. But God made this pyramid perfect in order to show you His plan for making man in His image. Now not everybody is going to accept this but then there has to be somebody for the fire, you know. They're all not going to come into the kingdom. If all of them came into the kingdom with all their corruption and perversion it would be like bringing a bull into a china shop. They'd corrupt it and pervert it and destroy it. Only the pure of heart are going to enter the kingdom. What's the pure of heart? It's one who when he sees the truth, he's pure of heart enough to accept it. One that doesn't have a pure heart, no matter if he knows it's the truth, he'll say, "No, I want something else." They're for the fire. You have the freedom of choice. Turn to God and His plan, or join the rest of them and go into the fire.

There are 36 blocks on the ceiling of the Grand Gallery. Each one equals one century. Subtract the length of the overlay, and you get the construction of the pyramid in June 21st, 3434 B.C. David Davidson got the exact same date another way.

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