An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith
for the Followers of Zoroaster

Sacred Flame of Zoroaster

On January 1, 1000 B.C., Zoroaster was born.

Later in his life, Zoroaster recieved a revelation direct from God while gazing at the setting sun. Zoroaster, being cognizant of His Manifestionship, then began teaching the Persians about the Monotheism of God. He also taught about the purpose of living in the world of opposites. The theme of His revelation was "purity." His teachings were recorded in the Vesta. The Vesta was burnt in the fire at the library of Alexandria. A small remnant of the Vesta was salvaged and is known as the Zenda Vesta (meaning, remnant of the Vesta). The Zenda Vesta is very apocalyptic and contains prophecies for the appearance of prophets in the latter days.

Zoraoster had 12 Kings who are were his successors. They are like the 12 Imams who succeeded Mohammad and they follow one after another in the Golden Age of His dispensation. The first is Cyrus the Great in the this line of 12 which includes Darius and Artaxerxes also mentioned in the Bible.

Zoroaster spent years trying to get the people to accept his religion, but he finally felt it was to obstruse for them. According to 'Abdu'l-Baha, as documented by Shoghi Effendi in God Passess By and other places, Zoroaster travelled west to Jerusalem. Reckoned from the birthday of Zoroaster the way we have it, Solomon began to reign in 980 BC when Zoroaster would have been 20 years old. The Bible Does mention a type of co-regency between David and Solomon, with at least an estimate we might assume the David's 40 year reign as king was from 1020 to 980 BC. If Zoroaster would have travelled to Jerusalem before his 20th year he may have met King David. If he travelled there after the temple was built he certainly would have had occassion to meet Solomon. Religious scholars have pointed to the clear related style, rhythm and substance of the Psalms of David with the sacred verses of parts of the Avesta.

The only date we have absolutely determined is that of Solomon's first year being 980 BC his fourth being 976, 480 years from the Exodus see 1st Kings four.

Having no luck with the people, Zoroaster decided to convert the King of his native land. Zoroaster was born in Azerbaijan. What we know as Persia was divided into little kingships, like principalities. When Zoroaster met the King, his name was Vishtaspa, he was steeped in idolatry. Zoroaster told the king he had a message from the One true invisible God whom he called Ahura Mazda. He asked the king to call in his wise men and pagan priests so he could have a contests and prove the One true invisible God was God. The King was intrigued by what Zoroaster was professing, so he called for the wisemen. When they were all in the room, Zoroaster pointed to a statue of a god up on a shelf in the throne room with his walking stick, he said, O King is this the god these priests have told you about. The king said yes. Zoroaster tapped the god with his stick moving it a little. The priests got nervous. Zoroaster said, have these priests O King told you this god is all powerful, tapping it again with his stick. The King said yes they have. Zoroaster tapped the god again with his stick. "Well then O King," said Zoroaster tapping his stick against the god one last time as it fell off the shelf and came crashing to the floor into a million smitherines, "Well then O king, tell your God to put himself back together again!" The preists jumped foward to kill Zoroaster on the spot, but the king protected him with his guards. He turned to the priests and said well if this is God tell him to put himself back together again. Of course that did not happen and the King declared the the God of Zoroaster was the One true invisible God and became a believer on the spot.

As we have the rest of the story, Zoroaster gave the King his daughter in marriage (Zoroaster had only daughters) and from the marriage of his daughter and the King, Shah Bahram is to be descended. The religion of Zoroaster remained in the family of the king only and in that circle until the time of Cyrus the Great (Bahman ibn Isfandyiar) who is also descended from Zoroaster daughter and that King. From this line comes Sassan and the Sasanian dynasty of who the last was Yazdegird III who's daughter Dara married Bostanai the EXILARCH of the Davidic line from whom Baha'u'llah descends. From Shar Banu, her sister given to Imam Husayn, comes the rest of the 12 Imams and the Bab from that Holy line.

The prophecies of Zoroaster are well known. It was these prophecies of the end times that influenced Daniel, Ezekiel and even John on Patmos who wrote down the Revelation of Christ. It is well known to scholars that these prophesies of the end times and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven have their origin in Zoroaster that influences both the prophets of Isreal and Judaism as well as them of the early Christian faith before it's corruption.

The prophecies of Zoroaster are amazing and were very precise. Few survive today becuase of Omar's destruction of their Holy Books that were re-written from memory. This was the second time they were damaged the first being by Alexander the great. When the great archealogical investigation of Ecbatana in Iran will take place in the future we may well be reintroduced to some of the pure origins works. This will be after the catastrophe.

Zoroaster prophecied to the Persians, that He would return in exactly 1000 years. He said, "In a thousand years look to the western sky. You will see a great star, follow it and you will find me, there, in a manger. That is who the three Magi were, they were Zoroastian king-priests looking for the return of Zoroaster and they found him in the baby Jesus.

Zoroaster also made a Covenant for the establishment of the eternal throne of "Shah Bahram" the King of Glory. Zoroaster prophecied of a great struggle when the forces of righteousness would be victorious over the forces of evil. In the early 6th century B.C., the Persian King, Cyrus the Great (a Zoroastrian), conquered the Babylonian empire under Nebudchenezzar's son Evil Merodach. This battle was a microcosm of Armageddon, which will happen before the year 2000 is up according to prophecy. Cyrus's son Artaxerxes allowed the Jews to go back to Israel and rebuild Jerusalem.

According to the Zenda Vesta, a holy man named Saoshyant would appear in the year 1971 to give a message from the Shah Bahram. This prophecy has been fulfilled. Dr. Leland Jensen is the Saoshyant as he is the establisher for Baha'u'llah. The founder of the Baha'i Faith, Baha'u'llah, is the Shah Bahram (King of Glory). The Link from this page will show you proofs for Baha'u'llah as taught by His establisher, Saoshyant.

So my Zoroastrian friends, since Zoroaster Himself said He would return in Jesus, and being that King Solomon, the Jew, was Zoroasters friend, and that King Cyrus acknowledged the validity and monotheism of the followers of the Tanach (Old Testament), then I sincerely hope that you will not mind that I have chosen the Bible as my primary source for giving you the proofs for Baha'u'llah. May Ahuramazda bless you in your eternal search for truth.


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